German Universities Open Doors to Refugees: Access Barriers Remain

  • Simon Morris-Lange
  • Florinda Brands
Keywords: Refugee, Asylum, Protected Status, Germany, Higher Education, Access, Admission, University, Enrollment, Tuition Fees, Financial Aid, Studienkolleg


In the face of unprecedented numbers of asylum seekers, German universities are inviting newcomers to enroll in their tuition-free study programs. However, so far only a handful of asylum seekers can be found in lecture halls across the country as legal and financial barriers condemn thousands of young and eager men and women to months and even years of idleness.

Author Biographies

Simon Morris-Lange

Simon Morris-Lange is deputy head of the research unit Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration, Berlin, Germa- ny. 

Florinda Brands

Florinda Brands is a migration policy expert, Berlin, Germany.  

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Morris-Lange, S., & Brands, F. (2016). German Universities Open Doors to Refugees: Access Barriers Remain. International Higher Education, (84), 11-12.
The Refugee Crisis and Higher Education