Diplomacy and Education: A Changing Global Landscape

  • Patti McGill Peterson American Council on Education
Keywords: educational diplomacy, public diplomacy, soft power, cross-border partnerships, global engagement


Educational diplomacy is rapidly moving beyond the realm of government sponsored initiatives to a much wider array of actors and activities.  Institutions are actively developing their own brand of international relations.  Governments will find it more and more difficult to dictate the nature and direction of educational diplomacy.  In this baffling array of cross-border activity, senders and receivers of this kind of diplomacy need to adhere to a clear policy of mutuality if all sides are to benefit from the rising tide of global engagement.

Author Biography

Patti McGill Peterson, American Council on Education

Patti McGill Peterson is presidential advisor for internationalization and global engagement at the American Council on Education, Washington

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McGill Peterson, P. (2014). Diplomacy and Education: A Changing Global Landscape. International Higher Education, (75), 2-3. https://doi.org/10.6017/ihe.2014.75.5410