Does a Higher Education Research Community Exist in Asia?

  • Hugo Horta
  • Jisun Jung
Keywords: Higher education research, Asia, (Co)-Publication, Regional collaboration, international collaboration


Research about higher education and universities in Asia has been growing in volume, but it represents no more than 7% of all publications in international, peer-reviewed, core higher education journals. Its community is emergent internationally but dominated by ‘one time only’ publications. Higher education research in Asia is mostly concentrated in East Asia, where the most mature higher education systems are located. It is performed systemically by only a few universities, and it actually rests on the shoulders of few dedicated scholars. The field in Asia is internationally linked, primarily to English-speaking countries, but poorly regionally integrated.

Author Biographies

Hugo Horta

Hugo Horta is a deputy director at the Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research at the Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Jisun Jung

Jisun Jung is a postdoctoral fellow in the Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China.

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Horta, H., & Jung, J. (2014). Does a Higher Education Research Community Exist in Asia?. International Higher Education, (74), 11-12.
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