The Problem with Public University Salaries in Kenya

  • Ishmael I Munene
Keywords: Cost-of-Living adjustment, Faculty Strikes, Kenya Market Pay, Merit Pay, Pay-for-Performance, Public Universities


Faculty strikes over salaries have become a regular feature in Kenya’s public universities. The article identifies the preponderance of union-negotiated pay increase, absence of a merit pay system and the lack of differentiated pay tied to institutional context as key contributing factors. It recommends a more robust compensation scheme that includes pay-for-performance system, context-based differentiated pay for university executives and the democratization of the university budget processes.

Author Biography

Ishmael I Munene

Ishmael I. Munene is associate professor in the Educational Leadership Department, Northern Arizona University

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Munene, I. I. (2014). The Problem with Public University Salaries in Kenya. International Higher Education, (77), 21-22.
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