University Branch Campuses in Kenya

  • Ishmael I Munene
Keywords: Branch Campus, Multi-campus University, Revenue diversification, Access, Equity, Kenya


The catalyst for the rapid growth of the multi-campus university system in Kenya include revenue enhancement, expansion of access and mitigating the equity challenge.  Despite these noble social goals, this model of university development has been discredited owing to quality, equity and restrictive programing concerns.  A reframing of the campus model towards regional-specific high-autonomy campuses could ameliorate these concerns. 

Author Biography

Ishmael I Munene

Ishmael I. Munene is associate professor in the Educational Leader- ship Department, Northern Arizona University, US. 

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Munene, I. I. (2016). University Branch Campuses in Kenya. International Higher Education, (86), 22-23.
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