Croatia’s New Linear Tuition System: Students’ Friend or Foe?

  • Lucia Brajkovic
Keywords: Linear tuition model, Croatian higher education system, Student protests, Merit-based aid, Higher education finance


A unique political situation predating Croatia’s ascension to the European Union, along with countrywide student protests, led to the adoption of a linear tuition model in which students are exempt from any tuition payment during their first year of college. After the first year, they are charged tuition according to merit-based criteria. This article discusses the benefits and potential unintended consequences of this policy, as well as the possible adoption of this model by other countries.

Author Biography

Lucia Brajkovic

Lucia Brajkovic is a PhD student at the Institute of Higher Education, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, US.

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Brajkovic, L. (2015). Croatia’s New Linear Tuition System: Students’ Friend or Foe?. International Higher Education, (79), 26-27.
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