The Impact of Transnational Education in Receiving Countries

  • Jane Knight
  • John McNamara
Keywords: transnational education, crossborder education, host country, receiving country, impact, motivation, benefits


Most research on TNE examines issues from the sending or providing country. This article reports on the impacts of TNE from the receiving or host country perspective. Topics addressed include motivation, costs, benefits, awareness levels, student profile and future outlook of TNE.

Author Biographies

Jane Knight

Jane Knight is adjunct professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Educa- tion, University of Toronto, Canada.

John McNamara

John McNamara is Director of Research, McNamara Economic Research.

How to Cite
Knight, J., & McNamara, J. (2015). The Impact of Transnational Education in Receiving Countries. International Higher Education, (82), 3-5.
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