International Higher Education and the “Neo-liberal Turn”

  • Peter Scott
Keywords: Neoliberalism, Globalization, Information Technology, Government, Higher Education


International higher education, once an aspect of the academy associated with ideals of solidarity and development, is now seen as the most market-oriented aspect. The main reason for this reversal is the so-called ‘neoliberal turn’. But the major trends associated with this turn - a new (and reduced) role for the State; globalization in its various guises and the rise of new communicative cultures as a result of advances in information technology - are likely to have multiple and even contradictory impacts on higher education.

Author Biography

Peter Scott

Peter Scott is professor of higher education studies, Institute of Educa- tion, University College London, UK. 

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Scott, P. (2016). International Higher Education and the “Neo-liberal Turn”. International Higher Education, (84), 16-17.
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