National Policies for Internationalization—Do They Work?

  • Robin Matross Helms
  • Laura E Rumbley
Keywords: internationalization, higher education policy, student mobility, scholar mobility, cross-border education, internationalization at home, comprehensive internationalization


As internationalization becomes an increasing priority for higher education worldwide, national governments are implementing policies and programs to promote related activities in their countries. This article categorizes such policies by primary activity type, reviews existing efforts to gauge the effectiveness of such policies, and discusses key factors that can impact policy success. 

Author Biographies

Robin Matross Helms

Robin Matross Helms is associate director for research, Center for In- ternational Higher Education and Engagement, American Council on Education. 

Laura E Rumbley

Laura E. Rumbley is associate director at the Boston College Center for International Higher Educa- tion 

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Matross Helms, R., & Rumbley, L. E. (2016). National Policies for Internationalization—Do They Work?. International Higher Education, (85), 10-12.