Private Higher Education: Even France, Even For-Profit

  • Aurélien Casta
  • Daniel Levy
Keywords: France, private, for-profit, state policy


The dramatic growth of private higher education (PHE) in France, including a significant for-profit component, clashes with traditional notions of an omnipotent state ruling over higher education. But in fact the post-Napoleonic state has generally been accepting of the private educational sector, which has evolved from a religious to a markedly commercial orientation.

Author Biographies

Aurélien Casta

Aurélien Casta is assistant professor at Université de Lille in France and a PROPHE Affiliate. 

Daniel Levy

Daniel C. Levy is SUNY Distinguished Professor, State University of New York at Albany, and PROPHE director.

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Casta, A., & Levy, D. (2016). Private Higher Education: Even France, Even For-Profit. International Higher Education, (85), 30-31.