International Doctoral and Master’s Students: What the Data Tell Us

  • Gabriele Marconi
Keywords: Master’s programs, doctorate, student mobility, OECD


International experience is seen as an asset for researchers and top service professionals, and students are well aware of it: within the OECD, 11% of master’s students and 25% of doctoral students are international. International students at these levels tend to choose countries investing substantial resources on R&D in tertiary educational institutions. This offers these countries an opportunity to attract future workers with advanced training, particularly in science and technology: in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United States more than half of those enrolled in a doctoral program in science, engineering or agriculture are international students.”

Author Biography

Gabriele Marconi

Gabriele Marconi is analyst at the Directorate for Education and Skills in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 

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