Aquinas and Alison on Reconciliation with God


  • Elizabeth Sextro



Reconciliation, Aquinas, Alison, Soteriology, Sin, Atonement


This paper compares the concept of reconciliation in the works of Thomas Aquinas and James Alison through a soteriological lens. For both authors, the problem of sin confronts humanity with grave implications for our salvation that cannot be fixed on our own; therefore, Christ must enact a new way for humanity to live in right relationship with God. The paper examines Thomas and Alison’s anthropologies through the lens of three questions regarding salvation: What does sin do to the human?; What does Christ have to do because of sin?; and finally, What does Christ enable humans to do in order that we may participate in reconciling ourselves to God? 




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Sextro, E. (2018). Aquinas and Alison on Reconciliation with God. Lumen Et Vita, 8(1).