Repenting for Antisemitism: “To Elevate Evil into a State of Goodness”

  • Katharina Von Kellenbach
Keywords: guilt, repentance, antisemitism, anti-Judaism, supersessionism, grafting, Romans 11, covenant


This article explains the benefits of repentance over reconciliation especially in the context of enduring ideologies of contempt and habits of supremacy, such as Christian Jew-hatred. In the second part, the theological proposals of two theological associations, the Christian Scholars Group and the Society of Post-Supersessionist Theology, which were founded to repent for theological anti-Judaism, are examined. Using Paul’s covenantal metaphor of the olive tree in Romans 11, the author evaluates different covenantal proposals to overcome supersessionism in light of the biology of grafting.

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Von Kellenbach, K. (2021). Repenting for Antisemitism: “To Elevate Evil into a State of Goodness”. Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations, 16(1).
Peer-Reviewed Articles: Guilt, Sin, Repentance, Forgiveness, & Reconciliation