Impact of US-China Trade War on Graduate School Selection


In 2018, tensions between China and the US became increasingly heightened through escalation of the US-China trade war.  This case study examines the impact of this trade war on Chinese students’ desired study abroad location.  Through surveying 596 Chinese students and interviewing 40 Chinese students planning to study abroad.  The article examines to what extent the trade war influenced their decision regarding which country they desired to pursue further education.  Additionally, the case study explores closely related issues designed to better understand how the student is affected by the Chinese media environment. Highlighted issues include whether the trade war will affect the students’ purchases of foreign-made consumer goods, how students obtain their news regarding the trade war, and to what extent students’ views differ from their parents.  Findings indicate that these political events have not had a significant impact on educational preferences, but have influenced consumer good choices.  The research also re-examines student motivating factors and suggests specific strategies to maximize Chinese student enrollment in foreign higher learning institutions.

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Swanson, B. A., Swanson, M. K., & Wang, H. (2020). Impact of US-China Trade War on Graduate School Selection . Journal of Marketing Communications for Higher Education, 1(3).