Is the Public Good Role of Higher Education Under Attack?

  • Ellen Hazelkorn
Keywords: Public good, social contract, performance agreements, quality assurance


Higher education has long argued that it is a public good because of its contribution
to societal goals. These assumptions are coming under growing public scrutiny as
universities seek to pursue their own agenda, at home and increasingly
internationally. This article looks at some of the issues.

Author Biography

Ellen Hazelkorn

Ellen Hazelkorn is professor emerita and former director of the Higher
Education Policy Research Unit (HEPRU), Ireland, and international
coinvestigator, ESRC/HEFCE-funded Centre for Global Higher Education,
London, UK.

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Hazelkorn, E. (2017). Is the Public Good Role of Higher Education Under Attack?. International Higher Education, (91), 2-3.
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