Reenvisioning Welsh Postcompulsory Education

  • Ellen Hazelkorn
Keywords: Postsecondary education, regulation, governance, Wales, societal impact, learning pathways


In 2015, the Welsh government commissioned a review of its postcompulsory education system. Recommendations included the creation of a single regulatory, oversight, and coordinating authority bringing together further, higher, and adult learning. By its swift endorsement of the report’s principles and recommendations, the Welsh government conspicuously diverged from the market–demand driven
approach adopted by the UK government for England.

Author Biography

Ellen Hazelkorn

Ellen Hazelkorn is professor emerita and director of the Higher Education Policy Research Unit (HEPRU), and education policy consultant, BH Associates, Ireland. 

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Hazelkorn, E. (2018). Reenvisioning Welsh Postcompulsory Education. International Higher Education, (92), 22-24.
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