Globally Engaged and Locally Relevant

Revisiting Higher Education

  • Janet Ilieva Education Insight
  • Vangelis Tsiligiris Nottingham Trent University
Keywords: Higher education provision, global citizenship, global relevance, environmental footprint, internationalization, global social enterprises


This article examines current pressures on higher education provision and attempts to draw long-term considerations for institutions and policy makers. It calls for a reconceptualization of international higher education, placing global citizenship at the core of its provision. Such education delivery aims to be locally embedded, globally relevant, and centered on the needs and ambitions of a diverse student population. 

Author Biographies

Janet Ilieva, Education Insight

Janet Ilieva is director and founder, Education Insight, UK. Email: janet.

Vangelis Tsiligiris, Nottingham Trent University

Vangelis Tsiligiris is principal lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, UK. Email:

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