What’s Too Private? Values and Realities in Southeast Asia

  • Daniel Levy University at Albany
Keywords: Private higher education, for-profit private higher education, nonprofit private higher education, Southeast Asia


A central question raised worldwide by the astonishing growth of private higher education (PHE) is how private is “too private”? The question encompasses both PHE’s enrollment share and PHE’s nature. A key gauge of PHE’s nature is whether PHE is for-profit or nonprofit. Southeast Asia in general, including the Philippines and Vietnam specifically, illustrates some important common, and some intriguing uncommon, responses to the “too private” question.

Author Biography

Daniel Levy , University at Albany

Daniel C. Levy is SUNY Distinguished Professor, University at Albany, Department of Educational Policy & Leadership, and director of the Program for Research on Private Higher Education (PROPHE), which contributes a regular column to IHE. E-mail: dlevy@albany.edu.

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