Speaking Out for Science and Democracy

  • Marcelo Knobel University of Campinas
  • Goolam Mohamedbhai University of Mauritius
Keywords: University leadership, global challenges, denialism, autocracy, communication


In the face of the great challenges that humanity is facing, including the current wave of denialism and autocracy, university leaders appear to be silent. Yet, universities are vital for addressing these challenges and university leaders must show the way forward within their institutions and in society in responding to scientific and environmental misinformation. More than ever, university leaders need to speak out and cannot afford to be complacent.

Author Biographies

Marcelo Knobel , University of Campinas

Marcelo Knobel is a full professor of physics and former rector of the University of Campinas (Unicamp), Campinas, SP, Brazil. Email: knobel@unicamp.br.

Goolam Mohamedbhai, University of Mauritius

Goolam Mohamedbhai is former vice-chancellor of the University of Mauritius and former secretary general of the Association of African Universities. Email: g_t_mobhai@yahoo.co.uk.

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