What Is the “Special Sauce” for University Innovation?

  • Philip G Altbach
  • Jamil Salmi
Keywords: Research universities, university innovation, governance of higher education, academic freedom


Is there a secret to developing innovative universities? Is it possible to copy from the experiences of top universities such as MIT? This article argues that well-known factors such as adequate funding, good governance, meritocracy, academic freedom, and several others are central factors in building innovative and world class universities.

Author Biographies

Philip G Altbach

Philip G. Altbach is research professor and founding director of the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College. 

Jamil Salmi

Jamil Salmi was the coordinator of the World Bank’s tertiary education programs. He is currently a global tertiary education expert. 

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Altbach, P. G., & Salmi, J. (2016). What Is the “Special Sauce” for University Innovation?. International Higher Education, (85), 2-3. https://doi.org/10.6017/ihe.2016.85.9231