Student Activism Remains a Potent Force Worldwide

  • Philip G Altbach
  • Manja Klemencic
Keywords: Student activism, university politics, students and social movements, university reform


Student activism remains a potent force worldwide. Recently, students were instrumental in the collapse of the regime in Ukraine, and were key forces in the Arab Spring movements. Students, however, are unable to ensure that their views will be reflected in the governments that emerge from unrest. Students also are active participants in campus events, and have often been instrumental in shaping higher education policy.

Author Biographies

Philip G Altbach

Philip G. Altbach is research professor and director of the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College

Manja Klemencic

Manja Klemencic is postdoctoral fellow, Department of Sociology, Harvard University

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Altbach, P. G., & Klemencic, M. (2014). Student Activism Remains a Potent Force Worldwide. International Higher Education, (76), 2-3.