International Branch Campuses—Curiosity or Important Trend?

  • Richard Garrett
Keywords: International branch campuses, transnational education, cross-border education


The number of international branch campuses (IBCs) continues to grow—up from 66 between 2011 and 2015, to hit 249 globally. IBCs get a lot of media attention given the out-sized ambition and risk involved, but it is hard to judge long-term significance. Are IBCs curiosities that few universities will ever pursue, or will a global presence define tomorrow's leading institutions? Will the impact of IBCs be marginal and localized or will some institutional brands and prospects be transformed? This article summarizes the latest IBC data from The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education and C-BERT, and looks ahead to a forthcoming report on IBC development and impact. 

Author Biography

Richard Garrett
Richard Garrett is director, Observatory on Borderless Higher Education.
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Garrett, R. (2017). International Branch Campuses—Curiosity or Important Trend?. International Higher Education, (90), 7-8.