Strategic Profiles of the International Dimension in Universities in Uganda

  • Ronald Bisaso and Florence Nakamanya


This article is based on a study that explored the nature of and variations
in strategic profiles of internationalisation in universities in Uganda. Six
universities, comprising of three public and three private chartered universities
with different histories and philosophies were selected for the
study. Profiles of the international dimension were ascertained through a
review and analysis of national and institutional strategic plans and reports.
The findings highlight six profiles of internationalisation, namely, vision
and mission, shared/core value, student enrolment, staff and student
exchange, partnerships and collaborations, and the management structure.
It is imperative that universities integrate internationalisation as an ethos
that is systematically mainstreamed in all activities, produce knowledge
relevant to local and international audiences, and improve the management
structure by deploying managerial capacity that corresponds to the
strategic period. The article recommends that further research should be
conducted on profiles of the international dimension.

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and Florence Nakamanya, R. B. (2020). Strategic Profiles of the International Dimension in Universities in Uganda. International Journal of African Higher Education, 7(2).