Students with Disabilities’ Access to Distance Education:

A Case for Transformational Leadership within the Ambit of Ubuntu

  • Folake Ruth Aluko
  • Motlalepule Ruth Mampane


There has been much debate on access and social justice, and the role of
distance education in redressing social injustices. However, little is known
about these issues in relation to students with disabilities. The South African
Department of Higher Education and Training’s Strategic Policy Framework
on Disability for the Post-School Education and Training System aims to improve
people with disabilities' access to and success in post-school education and
training. The document notes that despite the ground gained in transforming the
the country's higher education landscape, systematic, institutional and personal   
challenges persist in relation to integrating such students into postschool education 
and training. This article highlights the challenges typically encountered by students  
with disabilities despite policy responses and why these have not worked. It proposes 
transformational leadership nestled within Ubuntu to transform the issue of disability                                                                                                                                                                                                                                in post-school education and training and offers directions for further research directions.

Key words: distance education; disability; access, social justice; Ubuntu;
transformational leadership

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