Financing and Resourcing International Collaboration in African Higher Education

Beyond Negotiated Power between the Global North and Global South

  • Gift Masaiti University of Zambia, Zambia
  • Edward Mboyonga University of the Free State, South Africa


This article discusses the financing of international collaboration in African higher education. It notes that mutual aid and the public good are slowly being embraced as the rationale for international collaboration. Drawing on a critical perspective, the article discusses the modalities and effectiveness of resourcing international collaboration which is generally seen as a panacea to revitalise higher education research in subSaharan Africa. Collaboration between Africa and Global North countries manifests in international partnerships for research, student and staff mobility, teaching, and funding. While most collaborations have tended to be dominated by Global North partners, South-South collaborations are increasingly taking centre stage. Emerging issues in international collaboration are also identified and the article notes that, in general, the politics of power and control still characterise both North-South and South-South international collaborations.

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Masaiti, G., & Mboyonga, E. (2022). Financing and Resourcing International Collaboration in African Higher Education. International Journal of African Higher Education, 9(3), 153-175.