About the Journal

The focus of Lingua Frankly is to serve as an outlet for the original research papers, book reviews, and other works on linguistics and language written by students at Boston College. We hope to provide a lively venue of discussion on linguistics at both undergraduate and graduate levels. To this end, we maintain a high standard in our publications—each submission is evaluated through a double-blind peer review process with at least three reviewers before a decision is made. Once published, your work is available online, free of charge, through Open Journal Systems.

Our scope is wide and inclusive. Not only do we welcome quality work on linguistics proper, but we also encourage submissions relating to linguistics and language from other disciplines. Linguistics is inherently interdisciplinary, combining insights from diverse fields including sociology, philosophy, mathematics, psychology, and computer science, so we are always interested in hearing about the intersections of linguistics with other disciplines. In the same spirit, we are also happy to accommodate submissions from students at other institutions.

We are grateful for the sponsorship of the Program in Linguistics at the Department of Slavic and Eastern Languages & Literatures, and the support of the Graduate School of the Morrissey School of Arts & Sciences, at Boston College.