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International Higher Education

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International Higher Education (IHE) is the quarterly publication of the Center for International Higher Education.

IHE publishes insightful, informed, and high-quality commentary and analysis on trends and issues of importance to higher education systems, institutions, and stakeholders around the world. Each edition also includes short abstracts of new books and other publications of relevance to the global higher education community.

IHE's contributors are drawn largely from a network of distinguished international scholars, policymakers, and leaders, who are well-positioned to offer critical perspectives on key issues and trends that shape higher education worldwide.

IHE is published in English, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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No 80: Spring 2015 - IHE at Twenty

Special 20th Anniversary Feature: Higher Education’s Future

Table of Contents

Full Issue

Number 80: Spring 2015 - IHE at Twenty PDF

Special 20th Anniversary Feature: Higher Education’s Future

Editorial: Two Decades of News and Analysis PDF
Philip G. Altbach 2
Next Two Decades of Higher Education: A Developing Countries Perspective PDF
Pawan Agarwal 3
Massification and the Global Knowledge Economy: The Continuing Contradiction PDF
Philip G. Altbach 4
The Crisis of the Public Mission in Higher Education PDF
Jorge Balán 4-5
Equity Remains a Most-Important Challenge, Facing Global Higher Education PDF
Roberta Malee Bassett 5-6
The Challenge of Effective Teaching PDF
Andrés Bernasconi 6
Is the International University the Future for Higher Education? PDF
Hans de Wit 7
Sustainability and Affordability: Is There a Magic Bullet? PDF
Ellen Hazelkorn 8
Moving from Soft Power to Knowledge Diplomacy PDF
Jane Knight 8-9
Sustaining Quality and Massification: Is It Possible? PDF
Marcelo Knobel 9-10
Do Not Fall For It PDF
Daniel C. Levy 10
Sustaining Resources PDF
Simon Marginson 10-11
The Challenge Facing Chinese Higher Education in the Next Two Decades PDF
Weifang Min 11-12
The Challenge of Graduate Unemployment in Africa PDF
Goolam Mohamedbhai 12
The Danger of Forgetting the Social Benefits of Higher Education PDF
Christine Musselin 13
The Misuses of the University PDF
Patti McGill Peterson 13-14
Chinese Higher Education: Future Challenges PDF
Gerard A. Postiglione 14
Quality: More Complicated Than Ever PDF
Liz Reisberg 15
Some Nonpecuniary Challenges to Research Universities PDF
Henry Rosovsky 15-16
“Intelligent Internationalization”: A 21st Century Imperative PDF
Laura E. Rumbley 16-17
To Be or Not to Be—A World-Class University? PDF
Jamil Salmi 17-18
Africa’s Troika Conundrums: Expansion, Consolidation, and Un(der)employment? PDF
Damtew Teferra 18
Is the Decline of the Universities’ Credibility Irreversible? PDF
Ulrich Teichler 18-19
Will the Ranking Game Continue After a Decade? PDF
Akiyoshi Yonezawa 19-20
Revisiting the Academic Marketplace PDF
Maria Yudkevich 20
The Global Knowledge Society: Conflict Between Instrumental and Principled Reason? PDF
Pavel Zgaga 20-21


The Carnegie Classification of American Higher Education: More—and Less—Than Meets the Eye PDF
Philip G. Altbach 21-23
MOOCs in the Developing World: Hope or Hype? PDF
Ben Wildavsky 23-25
Improving Engineering Education in Sub-Saharan Africa PDF
Goolam Mohamedbhai 25-27
Is There a Chinese Model of a University? PDF
Qiang Zha, Jinghuan Shi, Xiaoyang Wang 27-29


News of the Center PDF
New Publications PDF

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