The Cultural Mission of Premier Universities in East Asia

  • Rui Yang
Keywords: China, idea of a university, Western models, East Asia, traditional culture


Over the past few decades East Asia has made remarkable progress in higher
education development in both quantity and quality. Yet, an assessment regarding its
future development is less certain. Adopting a cultural perspective, this article reports
some findings from a recent research project financed by the Hong Kong Research
Grants Council. It argues that the gap between Western and East Asian ideas of a
university is narrowing. East Asian premier universities are making a cultural experiment
to achieve an integration of both. Their efforts have global significance.

Author Biography

Rui Yang

Rui Yang is professor and associate dean for cross-border and international
engagement at the Faculty of Education, University of Hong
Kong, China.

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Yang, R. (2017). The Cultural Mission of Premier Universities in East Asia. International Higher Education, (91), 29-30.
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