Toxic Academic Culture in East Asia

  • Rui Yang
Keywords: Academic Culture, East Asia, Higher Education, Universities, corruption


East Asian societies’ recent progress in higher education has been severely tarnished by a toxic academic culture. With the exception of Japan where academic culture has been substantially better developed, an academic culture that is based on meritocratic values, free inquiry, and competition is largely absent in East Asian societies. The rotten academic culture has casted a blight over East Asia’s ambitious aspiration to world-class universities, despite the region’s recent strides on the research stage and huge investment in higher education. 

Author Biography

Rui Yang

Rui Yang is professor and associate dean of cross-border/international engagement in the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong. 

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Yang, R. (2016). Toxic Academic Culture in East Asia. International Higher Education, (84), 15-16.
Corruption and Academic Culture