Nix the BRICs—At Least for the Higher Education Debate

  • Philip G Altbach
  • Roberta Malee Bassett
Keywords: BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia, India, China, Comparative framework of BRIC nations


Comparing the BRIC countries—Brazil, Russia, India, and China—in terms of higher education does not make good sense. The only thing in common is that they are large academic systems. However, they quite different in terms of history, economic realities, patterns of coordination and governance, and other factors. This article argues that it is not useful to place the BRIC countries in any kind of common framework for comparison.

Author Biographies

Philip G Altbach

Philip G. Altbach is research professor and director of the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College, USA

Roberta Malee Bassett

Roberta Malee Bassett is Senior Education Specialist, Europe and Central Asia Region, The World Bank.

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Altbach, P. G., & Bassett, R. M. (2014). Nix the BRICs—At Least for the Higher Education Debate. International Higher Education, (77), 2-5.