China Calls for Smarter Standards for Its World-Class Universities

  • Qiang Zha
Keywords: world-class universities and subject areas, global rankings, Chinese standards


China recently launched a new stage of world-class university campaign, and emphasized developing the “Chinese characteristics” this time. Arguably, global rankings remain the most powerful illustration of who can claim world-class standing, which in turn renders the “Chinese characteristics” in question. This article argues that China would benefit from a kind of explicit “Chinese standards” to help establish a clearer direction for higher education development in the country.

Author Biography

Qiang Zha

Qiang Zha is associate professor at the Faculty of Education, York Uni- versity, Toronto, Canada.

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Zha, Q. (2016). China Calls for Smarter Standards for Its World-Class Universities. International Higher Education, (86), 10-11.
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